Using \formatdate from datetime, I can get a date properly formatted in multiple languages:


However, I would like to only use the day and month and leave the year behind. I've tried passing:


but it doesn't work, as it expects a number.

How could I achieve that?

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    This is because datetime stores the day/month/year in counters.
    – Werner
    Sep 13, 2012 at 19:59

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\def\formatdateny{\csname noyear\languagename\expandafter\endcsname\formatdate}
\def\noyearenglish#1, \the\@year{#1}
\def\noyearrussian#1\ \number\@year~\cyrg.{#1}
\def\noyearspanish#1\ de~\number\@year{#1}
% etc.



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