I am using the classicthesis package as a template for my document. It adds a footer to the document when it is in draft mode. The footer is configured in classicthesis.sty by the following lines.

% ********************************************************************
% Drafting Stuff
% ********************************************************************
\RequirePackage{scrtime} % time access
\providecommand{\myVersion}{$\!\!$} % w/o classicthesis-config.tex
%    \RequirePackage{draftwatermark}%
%       \SetWatermarkLightness{0.9}
%           \SetWatermarkScale{.5}
%           \SetWatermarkText{\today\ at \thistime}
        \renewcommand{\PrelimText}{\footnotesize[\,\today\ at \thistime\ -- \texttt{classicthesis}~\myVersion\,]}
}{\renewcommand{\finalVersionString}{\emph{Final Version} as of \today\ (\texttt{classicthesis}~\myVersion).}}  

I downloaded the archive available on the website and created a new project for testing purposes. The output is displayed as expected. The footer can also be modified in the classicthesis project when I edit the above lines in classicthesis.sty.

[ September 14, 2012 at 13:03 – classicthesis version 4.1 ]

The problem

My real project is based on version 4.0 (2011/12/17) of the package and includes several custom changes. The file classicthesis.sty, however, does not have any changes relevant to the problem. I checked it against the same file of version 4.1 using kdiff3. All changes in the file refer to the version update.

Somehow I messed up the project. My document shows the footer. But whatever I do to the last two lines of the above source code, the footer does not change at all! I can even delete the commands relevant to the footer content as in the following example. It stays the same.


The only thing that works reliable in my document is that I can remove the drafting option from the package to disable the footer. The option can be configured in classicthesis-config.tex.

I noticed that I can at least change the version string. I is definied in classicthesis-config.tex which contains the following macro.

\newcommand{\myVersion}{version 1.0\xspace}

I did not prepare a MWE since the total number of files would mess up the whole question. I hope you can still try to help me. Please let me know if I should add more information.
I wonder what could be misconfigured so that the described behavior is possible. Where does the footer information in my project come from? Where can I change the footer definition?

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    It seems like you modified the .sty file directly, which is never a good idea. What changes do you want to do to the footer? What information do you want the footer to show? – Gonzalo Medina Sep 14 '12 at 13:10
  • Good advice. I checked the file. It should be fine. See my edit. I thought about changing the string "classicthesis" to the title of the document. – JJD Sep 14 '12 at 14:05

You can redefine appropriately \PrelimText and \finalVersionString in the preamble of your document; here's such a redefinition showing how to replace the defualt "classicthesis" string with the title provided by the \title command:

\usepackage[bmargin=6cm]{geometry}% just for the example

\title{The Title of This Work}
\author{The Author}

{\renewcommand\myVersion{version 1.0\xspace}
  \footnotesize[\,\today\ at \thistime\ -- \texttt{\@title}~\myVersion\,]}
  \renewcommand{\finalVersionString}{\emph{Final Version} as of \today\ (\texttt{\@title}~\myVersion).}




Here's an excerpt of the resulting document showing the footer:

enter image description here

Old versions of classicthesis don't define \myVersion, so the line


will have to be changed to

  • That works well, but needs an adjustment for the new version of classicthesis (4.2). It looks like \title{} is no longer used, so \@title should probably be replaced with \myTitle. (I prefer \jobname.pdf for a draft footer.) Also, I comment out \renewcommand\myVersion{version 1.0\xspace} when using this. – tanh Jan 22 '16 at 21:32

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