While leafing through Wilhelm Blaschke's book Vorlesungen Über Differentialgeometrie I, I found two Fraktur characters that I did not recognize. Here is an image from the first one:

enter image description here

Thanks to this answer I identified the character: it is the letter "x" (!!!). The other one still eludes me:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Perhaps this character is the amalgamation of other two, or something like that. I tried the usual tools to determine LaTeX symbols, with no success.

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    – Robert
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The first is lower case x, and the second is upper case E. While the following is not the exact font used, it gives a sample of a font with those two characters with the shapes as you showed.

enter image description here

In the spirit of teaching a person how to fish: for identifying fraktur and calligraphic fonts, the mathalpha documentation is quite convenient as it includes tables showing the output of common math fonts packages.

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    +1 for "In the spirit of teaching a person how to fish..." :-)
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