I need a tetrahedron with a its center and I would like to label all of them, but I do not know how to find a way for the center. I saw this To draw a labeled tetrahedron. For my case I need a tetrahedron having segments from its center to other vertices. Is it possible? Your help is highly appreciated.

    line join=round, 
    line cap=round,  
    every node/.style={
        inner sep=1pt, 
 \fill[] (-2,0,0) -- (2,0,0) -- (0,0,-2);
        (0,2,0) node[above] {C} --
        (-2,0,0) node[left] {T} --
       % (0,0,0) node[below] {C1} --
        (2,0,0) node[right] {M} -- cycle
        (0,0,0) -- (0,0,0);
        (0,2,0) -- (0,0,-2) node[below] {S} 
        (2,0,0) -- (0,0,-2) -- (-2,0,0);

I need a tetrahedron with a center ( like the pink point inside) without x and y axes, but with edges from the point on the center to other nodes too. with labels for each nodes.

enter image description here) .

I need the following tetrahedron such that the point inside along with edges from that are pink)

enter image description here

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    First you look up some of the maths to help you with the trigonometry. Then you might get more help here if you make an attempt and ask a specific question here if you get stuck.
    – Thruston
    Commented May 11 at 22:14

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You can use 3dtools

   \documentclass[border=3.14 mm]{standalone}
\usetikzlibrary{3dtools,calc}% https://github.com/marmotghost/tikz-3dtools
\begin{tikzpicture}[3d/install view={phi=7
        0,psi=0,theta=70},line cap=butt,line join=round,c/.style={circle,fill,inner sep=1pt},declare function={a=4;}]
   (a,0,0) coordinate (C)
(-a/2,{a*sqrt(3)/2},0) coordinate (D)
(-a/2,{-a*sqrt(3)/2},0) coordinate (B)
(0,0,{a*sqrt(6)/4}) coordinate (A);
\path (\mybarycenter) coordinate (E);
        \draw[red, ultra thick]   (E) -- (A) (E) -- (B) (E) -- (C) (E) -- (D);
    \draw[ ultra thick] (D) -- (C) -- (A) -- (B) --cycle (D) --(A) (C) -- (B);
             \fill[3d/screen coords,ball color=pink] (E) circle (0.15);
    \path foreach \p/\g in {A/90,B/180,C/-90,D/90}{(\p)node[c]{}+(\g:2.5mm) node{$\p$}};
\node[ label={-100:$E$}] at (E) {};

enter image description here

  • Thank you for your help. Actually, in my edited question I uploaded a photo for the one which I need, Can you please help me to draw that.
    – user118746
    Commented May 31 at 10:58
  • @user118746 Centroid of the tetrahedron must be the point (0,0,0)? Commented Jun 1 at 9:07
  • It can be any point.
    – user118746
    Commented Jun 1 at 10:42
  • I really appreciate your time. I want to connect C to B via a segment not a dot-line, and also connect the centroid of the tetrahedron to A,B, C, and D via dot-lines, And remove the x,y,z-axes.
    – user118746
    Commented Jun 1 at 17:54
  • It is very simple. To draw segmen IA noot dot -- line, you use \draw (I) -- (A); If you draw dot - line, you can use \draw[dashed] (I) -- (A); Commented Jun 1 at 23:37

\psTetrahedron[Frame=false,Viewpoint=-1 0.5 2] 
\psTetrahedron[Frame=false,Viewpoint=0.7 -0.5 -0.8]


enter image description here

See also package pst-solides3d

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