I have downloaded TexLive iso file (texlive-20240312) and done basic installation for book on windows 10. Now, I would like add a few packages to the installation from the local iso file. I am trying to change repository to the iso image mounted on the drive. When I changed the repository to the mounted drive, it says fail load. After closing this window, I have opened the manager and tried to selected the status of uninstalled packages. This opens an error message "back end gone" with the last command executed. The moment I click ok on the error message window, the manager closes.

I am interested to know the location of repository folder such that all the packages will be installed from the same local repository.


After looking in the documentation, I found the following in the documentation.

If the given argument is local (either a path or a file:/ url), compressed files in an archive subdirectory of the repository path are used (even if uncompressed files are available as well).

I have mounted the iso file and trying to provide the archive folder, which contains all the packages, as the repository path. The manager says that archives is not a repository!

I tried to update the repository using the command tlmgr update -all -dry-run. It ended with the following message.

tlmgr.pl: Remote database (revision 70581 of the texlive-scripts package) seems to be older than the local installation (rev 71250 of texlive-scripts); please use a different mirror and/or wait a day or two.

I tried to change repository to different ctan mirror sites and then tried to add the local repository. Every time I got the same error messages like above in both gui and command window.

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    You cannot use the iso file directly as repository. But if you mount it resp. copy the content to a local directory you can select the tlnet sub-directory as repository.
    – cabohah
    May 15 at 7:24
  • @cabohah I am trying to choose the archive folder as repository, but it is not recognized by the manager! May 15 at 15:28
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    Never tried it, but maybe tex.stackexchange.com/a/701507/36296 helps? May 15 at 15:46
  • The manager does not accept iso file as repository! May 15 at 16:19
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    @cfr I may not have access to internet when I am in need. I would like to install on different systems. I dont want to waste data, when one could really save it. I will try to follow your instructions. Install latex keeping the system in offline mode and check whether the problem could be resolved. Thank you for your perspective. 2 days ago


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