I am trying to create a quantum circuit. See the attached image. I'd like to erase the quantum wire in the second row so I can put three vertical dotted arrows in the first column of the circuit to indicate that potentially the circuit depends on an arbitrary number $n$ of qubits chosen.

I cannot find a solution to this problem with the quantikz package. Suggestions?

enter image description here




        \begin{quantikz}[wire types={q,q,q},classical gap=0.07cm]
            \gategroup[wires=3,steps=6,style={rounded corners,draw=none,fill=blue!20}, background]{$U$}
            \lstick{$\ket{0} \; \; $} & \gate{H} & &  & \meter{} & \\
            \lstick{$\ket{0} \; \; $} & &  &  &  & \\
            \lstick{$\ket{0} \; \; $} & \gate{X} &  &  &  &  
       % \caption{Caption}
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