I am using the animate package to produce a slide deck with beamer and having issues adjusting the framerate. I have experienced the following issues and I suspect that the problem lies with Adobe Reader but I'd like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar:

  • If the pdf slide deck is the only pdf file open in Adobe Reader, then the framerate is slower than what I specified in the source file.

  • If I have another pdf file open, and then I open my slide deck, then the framerate is correct, unless I put the slides in fullscreen mode.

  • If I disable Use 2d graphics acceleration in Adobe Reader, then regardless of anything else, the framerate is slower than what I specified in the source file.

Any suggestions?

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    animations in adobe reader can not be expected to hold the frame rate, especially not if the frames are very complicated. Typically you can make it go a few times (making the animation go to the cache) and it will speed up. I know, not ideal, however, it can work. – zeroth Sep 18 '12 at 19:48
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    This is not really to do with TeX: it's a 'feature' of PDFs. AS such, it's outside of our scope, sorry. – Joseph Wright Oct 6 '12 at 21:45