How do I create list of abbreviations if I want to add them manually and not tag each abbreaviation in the file first (the file is already written)?


A simple tabular-like environment?


\newcommand\nomenclature[2]{#1 & #2 \\}


\nomenclature{$a$}{The number of angels per unit area}%
\nomenclature{$N$}{The number of angels per needle point}%
\nomenclature{$A$}{The area of the needle point}%
\nomenclature{$\sigma$}{The total mass of angels per unit area}%
\nomenclature{$m$}{The mass of one angel}


enter image description here

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  • Is there any way to get a heading over this page in the same font size and same spacing as in the table of contents? – Raghuram May 10 '13 at 5:38

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