Beamer class differentiates between pages and frames. To get the first page of a part beamer provides the command \insertpartstartpage and for the last page \insertpartendpage.

Is there a chance to get the first and the last frame of the current part?


There seems to be no built-in way to access the frame number of the first and last slide of a part, but you can define the necessary macros \insertpartstartframe and \insertpartendframe yourself:


% How can I get the first and the last frame of an part in beamer class?
% (http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/73142/3323)
\apptocmd{\beamer@part}{\beamer@partstartframe=\c@framenumber\advance\beamer@partstartframe by1\relax}{}{}

\setbeamertemplate{footline}{\insertpart: \insertpartstartframe--\insertpartendframe}

\part{Part 1}
\frame{1\pause 2\pause 3}
\frame{1\pause 2}
\part{Part 2}
\frame{1\pause 2}
\frame{1\pause 2\pause 3}
\part{Part 3}
\frame{1\pause 2\pause 3\pause 4}

The code (between \usepackage{etoolbox} and \makeatother) is basically the same as the one beamer uses to access the start and end page of a part, but stores the frame number instead of the page number.

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