How to put the equation number at the end like below

enter image description here


As already explained in the comments, numbered equations are get by using the numbered equation environments (equation or with package amsmath: gather, align, …). Unless some option is set (fleqn) the equation numbers are put at the right. Package amsmath is also a bit cleverer by measuring the equation first and moves the equation number out of the way right below the equation, if the equation is too wide.

The min' is a little bit tricky if \min is used, because \min' prints the prime at the wrong place in displayed equations:

min with wrong prime

\min{}' does not help, because the distance becomes too large. \min\nolimits' helps in this case without subscripts. The following example defines a new operator \minp that also supports the case, where the subscript goes below the operator name.

Q\minp(k) = \sum_{j=1}^{n} Q\min(j,k)        


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