I need to create counters with names like mycounter1, mycounter2,... Basically this should be a counter-valued data array. The code like

\newcounter{\csname mycounter\the\value{index}\endcsname}

does not work. It seems that it is impossible to use \csname...\endcsname for counter names. Using \expandafter with different variants also does not help. Is there a way to resolve this problem?

  • Could you give an example application? Perhaps there are more efficient ways to cope with the problem. – egreg Sep 24 '12 at 17:15
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Counters do not have a leading backslash which is what the \csname would put in it. So


does the job. With counters it appears that numbers also work:


The MWE below yields:

enter image description here






Counter\arabic{index} = \arabic{mycounter\arabic{index}}

Counter\Alph{index} = \arabic{mycounter\arabic{index}}
  • Yes, also numbers work, because \newcounter{<string>} does \expandafter\newcount\csname c@<string>\endcsname. So even \newcounter{@#^&*({})} would work. :-) For renewing the \the... command associated to it, do \expandafter\renewcommand\csname @#^&*({})\endcsname{\alph{@#^&*({})}}. ;-) – egreg Sep 24 '12 at 17:19
  • 1
    @egreg those are the names that LaTeX counters should have; I don't know why Lamport et al. chose such exotic names like page or chapter for counters ;-) – Gonzalo Medina Sep 24 '12 at 20:10

There are the forarray and the arrayjobx packages for handling arrays with LaTeX.

And of course LuaLaTeX offers arrays natively in Lua.

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