The first few pages of my document (introductory material) should be numbered using roman numerals. Starting with a specific chapter, the remaining pages should be numbered arabic, starting from one (1) again.

How can i achieve this? Are there any pitfalls i need to look after?


If you are using the book class, start your document with \frontmatter. This changes the numbering to roman numerals. Then mark the main part of with \mainmatter. There are also \appendix (which changes the chapter numbering to uppercase letters) and \backmatter.


If you are using an article you can use:

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    This works for report too. Also "Roman" gives you page number in capitalized characters like I, II, III, IV,... If you want that in lower case (like i, ii, iii, iv, ...) use "roman". – KarelG May 22 '16 at 14:45

\frontmatter and \mainmatter will suffice for different styles of page numbering, but not for roman numbering of introductory tables (which are quite uncommon). Assuming you have only one frontmatter chapter that includes tables, the following should do the trick:






Some text.





Some text.



For report and similar classes, replace \frontmatter with \pagenumbering{Roman} and \mainmatter with \cleardoublepage\pagenumbering{arabic}.

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    While using groups like this is probably fine, I'd be a little wary of doing this in general. Some packages might assume that the main document text isn't at different scoping levels (e.g., with home-grown counters, or document-spanning variables). – Will Robertson Oct 26 '10 at 14:57

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