I'm using the book document class and the babel package with the spanish option, I have a ToC like this:

    1.1.1. Subsection name Subsubsection name

How can I remove the dot after sections numbers, tables numbers on LoT and figure numbers on LoF?.

P.S.: The Chapter number should have a dot.

Here a MWE


\def\@seccntformat#1{\csname the#1\endcsname\quad}





\chapter{CHAPTER NAME}

\section{SECTION NAME}

\subsection{Subsection name}

\subsubsection{Subsubsection name}

    My table

    My figure


Note that I'm using the code:

\def\@seccntformat#1{\csname the#1\endcsname\quad}

to remove the dot after sections number in the document.

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    Thanks for the MWE; I took the liberty and removed some things from it that aren't relevant to your problem, in order to make it somewhat more of a real minimal working example.
    – doncherry
    Sep 25, 2012 at 21:42

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The Spanish module for babel is responsible for this, probably following some directive of the authority on the language. There is an additional option for disabling it:


See section 2.3 in the documentation for the Spanish option (texdoc spanish or here on TeXdoc.net).

There will be no need to act on \@seccntformat.

In order to keep the period after the chapter number (although I don't see why), patch the \@chapter command:

  • Thanks egreg, this is a very good solution. But removes the dot after the Chapter number in TOC. How can I add a dot to this?
    – osjerick
    Sep 25, 2012 at 21:40
  • 1
    ...caused by a redefinition of \numberline: \def\numberline#1{\hb@xt@\@tempdima{#1\if&#1&\else.\fi\hfil}} from the original \def\numberline#1{\hb@xt@\@tempdima{#1\hfil}}
    – Werner
    Sep 25, 2012 at 21:40
  • egreg thanks again, the dot after chapter number is a requirement of the format for my thesis. Thanks!
    – osjerick
    Sep 25, 2012 at 21:50
  • 1
    @osjerick doncherry removed the irrelevant packages from your example and did well. But remember: never pass the pdftex option to graphicx or hyperref.
    – egreg
    Sep 25, 2012 at 21:53
  • @egreg when I use the code es-nosectiondot and \patchcmd@chapter{\numberline{\thechapter}}{\numberline{\thechapter.}}{}{}, the dot in LoF and LoT dissapears, i.e, I want Table 1. instead I have Table 1 and it's same for Figure 1. Can you help me please?
    – Joan
    Feb 21, 2019 at 17:25

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