I have redefined the color of my exampleblocks using the following code"

\definecolor{trueblue}{RGB}{0, 115, 197}
\setbeamercolor*{block title example}{bg=trueblue}

However, the bullets within the exampleblocks still appear in the default green color. I experimented with perturbation of:

\setbeamercolor{block itemize item example}{fg= trueblue}

but nothing seems to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Set the itemize item color:

\setbeamercolor{itemize item}{fg=trueblue}

If the change must apply only inside the exampleblock environment, you can use the etoolbox package and its \AtBeginEnvironment:


\definecolor{trueblue}{RGB}{0, 115, 197} 
\setbeamertemplate{itemize items}[circle]
\setbeamercolor*{block title example}{bg=trueblue}
\AtBeginEnvironment{exampleblock}{\setbeamercolor{itemize item}{fg=trueblue}}



\item First item.



enter image description here

For second and third level itemize environments you will also need

\setbeamercolor{itemize subitem}{fg=trueblue}
\setbeamercolor{itemize subsubitem}{fg=trueblue}

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