LuaTeX has limited support for microtypograhpy now, and it can be invoked if only type1 fonts are used. But is it possible for microtype to work with opentype fonts loaded with fontspec now? I have searched the Internet for this, but most of the relevant information is outdated.


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You ask whether

it [is] possible for microtype to work with OpenType fonts loaded with fontspec.

The short answer is yes. A longer answer would add that microtype's functionality under LuaLaTeX isn't as complete as it is under pdfLaTeX. However, the limitations are not caused by the use of OpenType fonts.

The version of microtype that's currently distributed with TeXLive 2012 and MikTeX 2.9 is still version 2.4. However, a late-beta edition of version 2.5 of the microtype package, dated 2012-05-23, may be downloaded from http://tlcontrib.metatex.org/cgi-bin/package.cgi/action=view/id=608. This version, when run under LuaLaTeX, still isn't as capable as when it's run under pdfLaTeX, but it comes a lot closer than if you stick with version 2.4.

You ask in a follow-up comment how version 2.5 of microtype might be installed manually under MikTeX. Do you have a "local" directory set up among the directories that are searched by MikTeX? (Bring up the "Settings" app of MikTeX to find out.) If not, do set up such a directory. Then, you could

  • make sure that this local directory is topmost in the search order (so that the version of microtype to be installed by you in the local directory are seen before the "official" but now somewhat obsolete version that's still distributed with MikTeX 2.9);

  • copy the files of microtype 2.5 beta to subdirectories of the local directory (such as ..\tex\latex\microtype and ..\doc\microtype); and

  • update MikTeX's filename database; the particulars of this update process will depend on whether or not you installed MikTeX in ordinary mode or admin mode.

Update: Version 2.5a of the microtype package was released in May 2013.

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