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I'm trying to write a book with references in each chapter and I would like to use chapterbib and natbib packages.

I can't really understand how to make things work.

My book is organized as follows:

  • settings.tex which contains all the packages, commands etc that I use in my document (among the others: \usepackage{natbib}, \usepackage{chapterbib})

  • Chapter_01.tex (in which I'd like the references stored in references_01.bib)

  • Chapter_02.tex (in which I'd like the references stored in references_02.bib).

I then have a Book.tex file that is made like this:






What should I put at the end of each chapter in order to get the references and how should I compile the document to produce a pdf document?

  • @lockstep: using natbib or not is not the same ... – user2478 Sep 28 '12 at 15:21
  • @Herbert Comparing Gonzalo's and your answer the only difference is that you also recommend bibtex <file>. Maybe the linked question could be rewritten to be more general. – lockstep Sep 28 '12 at 15:24

your structure is correct. You have to run bibtex for the document and each chapter:

pdflatex <file>
bibtex <file>
bibtex Chapter_01
bibtex Chapter_02
pdflatex <file>
pdflatex <file>

The first bibtex run will report an error multiple bibdata commands, which is not of interest, ignore it.


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