I have style for my block:

\setbeamertemplate{block begin}{
\begin{beamercolorbox}[leftskip=1em,colsep*=.75ex]{block title}%
\usebeamerfont*{block title}\insertblocktitle
{\ifbeamercolorempty[bg]{block body}{}{\nointerlineskip\vskip-0.5pt}}%
\usebeamerfont{block body}%
\begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep*=.75ex,sep=.75ex,vmode]{block body}%
\ifbeamercolorempty[bg]{block body}{\vskip-.25ex}{\vskip-.75ex}\vbox{}%
\setbeamertemplate{block end}{

Is possible to make it rounded and with shadow?

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