I need help with page layout in memoir. I want to have an unnumbered chapter0 (i.e. introduction) but when using the \chapter starred version the chapter headers is wrong. This is my example source:











And the problem is in chapter0 and in "last". Can you help me?


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Use the optional argument provided for \chapter (works for \chapter* as well):


This will set the \chaptermark accordingly, and correct the headers. Why is this the case? Let's look at \@m@mschapter from memoir.cls:

  \ifx \@empty#1
  \else%                    opt arg

The optional argument is set to \@empty if not specified manually. Subsequently, the macro conditions on whether #1 (the optional argument) is \@empty or not, and specifying \chaptermark accordingly.

Note that using \label in an un-numbered sectional unit doesn't help.


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