I’m using two types of footnotes in my document, but when I use the two types in the same page, the space between the two blocks is too large (the paper size small, so it is problematic). Is there a way to reduce the space between the two blocks of notes? My minimal example working is


\footmarkstyle{\textbf{#1--} }


\lipsum*[1]{}\footnote{Short footnote}

\lipsum*[2]{}\footnote{Another short footnote}



Are you trying to get rid of all space between the two levels of footnotes? LaTeX fights pretty hard to keep some space there. I think this is pretty wise, in fact. In your case, there are two things you could do to get rid of some excess vertical space:


Also, given that you defined a footnote series 'G', you could do something like this:

\supersmallskipamount=1pt plus 1pt minus 1pt
\skip\footinsG=\supersmallskipamount% <-- see memoir.cls, starting where 'newfootnoteseries' is defined

Try putting \the\footskip and \the\footnotesep in your first two footnotes then try compiling with the two \setlengths (not) commented out.

  • Thanks for your response. It appears the the \setlength{\footskip}{0pt} line decreased the space between the end of the footnote and the footer; \setlength{\footnotesep}{0pt} indeed decreased the space between the two block of notes in the way I intended, but not all of it, as is supposed to. Unfortunatelly, that also decreased the space between two or more G series (the numbered ones) notes, so it looks kind of odd. I suspect that some lenghts related to the footnote rule could decrease the space without that effect. Do you know which ones are involved?
    – marlonob
    Oct 4 '12 at 15:21
  • The second block of code only works when only are G series footnotes. Sorry for my english; I hope that it were understandable.
    – marlonob
    Oct 4 '12 at 15:22
  • @marlonob -- yes, very true. If you had defined an 'H' series, you would need to do the same with \footinsG. Or you could re-define the long \newfootnoteseries command from memoir.cls. I chose this route because it made a shorter answer. If you like I can add how you would want to re-define \newfootnoteseries.
    – jon
    Oct 5 '12 at 0:39

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