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What packages will let me use Cyrillic characters in math mode?

Is there any way to get these letters in the same way as the Greek ones? So with \theta, etc? I have looked around and all I found was compatibility with Russian keyboards, but I don't have one of those.


Solved it!, any char can be represented by this code. It works in both text and equations.

\newcommand\textcyr[1]{{\fontencoding{OT2}\fontfamily{wncyr}\selectfont #1}}
\newcommand\Zhe{ \text{\textcyr{Zh}}}
\newcommand\zhe{ \text{\textcyr{zh}}}

Leaving this here for future generations.

I'll self answer as soon as I can (not enough rep to do it now, if someone could help, I will vote you up :p)

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  • another method for using just single cyrillic letters in math can be found in an answer in the ams author faq. search for "cyrillic"; only one answer will appear. this uses the wncy fonts that are compatible with computer modern. i don't have time now to repeat the details here, but if this is useful, i will make an effort to turn it into a more complete answer. – barbara beeton Oct 3 '12 at 17:40

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