I've got

\Tree [.CP [.TP [.NP [.D the ] [.N woman ] [.CP [.TP [.NP [.N who
] ] [.VP [.V stole ] [.NP [.D my ] [.N necklace ] ] ] ] ] ] [.VP
[.V entered ] ] ] ]

which gives me a nice tree, but the last leaf nodes (e.g. from N to woman) have a line connecting. Can I remove that one?

  • Please always post code that begins with \documentclass{...} and ends with \end{document}, a so-called minimal working example (MWE). Once you've got this, it's easy to add a picture of the output to the question as well, which makes it more accessible for potential answerers.
    – doncherry
    Oct 3, 2012 at 21:07

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Yes, you can remove this by doing the following:

Add the line

    \tikzset{every tree node/.style={align=center, anchor=north}}

This allows node labels to have line breaks in them.

Then make all your terminal nodes be part of the node label itself:

\tikzset{every tree node/.style={align=center, anchor=north}}
\Tree [.CP [.TP [.NP [.D\\the ] [.N\\woman ] [.CP [.NP [.N\\who
] ] [.TP [.NP\\t ]  [.VP [.V\\stole ] [.NP [.D\\my ] [.N\\necklace ] ] ] ] ] ] [.VP
[.V\\entered ] ] ] ]

output of code

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