I am using the glossary package for my PhD thesis. It works fine for me, but there is one little thing I want to change. On every glossary page, there is "Glossary" appear on the top left. It also appears in my reference page, since I put print the glossary before the reference. My question is how can I remove that word "glossary"?

I searched around, tried this:


I intend to remove the left heading for every page. But it doesn't work.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I am using the package glossary in my preamble I have:


In the text where I put my glossary page I used this command:

% this is adding my glossary into TOC
% this is print out my glossary page

After the glossary I have my reference. To generate the glossary, after generating the PDF file from LyX, I have to run these commands:

makeindex phd_thesis.glo -s phd_thesis.ist -t phd_thesis.glg -o phd_thesis.gls
pdflatex phd_thesis.tex
pdflatex phd_thesis.tex

Every page on glossary and reference shows a "Glossary" on top left.

I am thinking before the \printglossary command put some command to get rid of the left heading. I searched around, haven't find any solution yet.

I am using LaTeX 2.9 and LyX 2.0.

  • Please compose a simple document showing the relevant settings (the document class used, the packages relevant to your problem, and an skeleton showing how you build the glossary and the bibliography) and add it to your question. Oct 6, 2012 at 1:15
  • Perhaps if you set the glossary name to empty things should work: \renewcommand*{\glossaryname}{} Oct 6, 2012 at 5:47
  • The glossary package is obsolete; use the glossaries package instead.
    – mhp
    Oct 6, 2012 at 8:07

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The glossary package is obsolete. So I’d recommend upgrading to its (much advanced) successor, the glossaries package (see this guide).

If I understand you right you want to get rid of the running header in the glossary section. Using the glossaries package, you can achieve this by redefining \glossarymark as an empty macro. Minimal example:

%% Process with pdflatex <document>; makeglossaries <document>; pdflatex <document>.




\newglossaryentry{Test}{name={Test}, description={A Test}}






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