I have some footnotes in a ConTeXt document, which must be referenced too multiple times, i.e., the superscript mark 1 appears in several parts of the document, but the footnote is only displayed once, e.g.:

This is some text.^1

^1 This is the footnote text.

This is some more text.^1

With the stable edition of ConTeXt, this syntax worked:

    This is some text.\note[footnote][1]
        \setnotetext[footnote][1]{This is the footnote text.}
    This is some more text.\note[footnote][1]

With the current edition of ConTeXt, \setnotetext seems to correctly place the notes, however, \note seems no longer able to refer to my notes. After compiling, I get:

This is some text.^??

^1 This is the footnote text.

This is some more text.^??

I also tried the instructions found at the ConTeXt Garden article on footnotes, but the resulting compilation also creates ?? instead of numbering.

How can I create multiple references to a single footnote in the current version of ConTeXt?

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This works for me, using \footnote and \note in any order:

This is some text.\footnote[footnote]{This is the footnote text.}

This is some more text.\note[footnote]

This leaves the specification of the footnote symbol to ConTeXt. If you want to specify the number yourself, look at \defineconversion

\defineconversion[myset][list of comma separated symbols]

Does this solve your problem, or does some more specific use still not work?

  • That was with ConTeXt 2012? I tried just what you did by intuition (in current ConTeXt, 2013), but is still showing ?? instead of the footnote number... In fact, the ConTeXt output says "notes > internal error: note 1 of 'footnote' is not initialized"
    – acidrums4
    Commented Oct 3, 2013 at 16:49

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