I am currently trying to adapt a biblatex style to my needs. I was able to do most tweaks by reading all the answers to similar demands here (such as Suppress "In:" biblatex or Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles).

However, despite all my efforts, I have not been successful in my attempts to work with \usebibmacro.

I had started with the authoryear style, and I want to arrive at the citation style for the Cambridge Review of International Affairs.

I have been able to change everything, except for the @incollection entries.

This is their example:

Cottier, Thomas (2001) 'Risk management experience in WTO dispute settlement' in David Robertson and Aynsley J Kellow (eds) Globalization and the environment: risk assessment and the WTO (Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing), 41-62

And this is what I've got so far:

Cottier, Thomas (2001) ‘Risk management experience in WTO dispute settlement’. In: ed. by David Robertson and Aynsley J Kellow. Globalization and the environment: risk assessment and the WTO. Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing, 41–62.

So the differences I have not been able to address are:

  1. Remove the punctuation after the title, the editors and the collection title.
  2. Remove capital letter from "In:" as well as the ':'.
  3. Move the 'ed. by' and change it to '(eds)'.
  4. Put the publisher in brackets.

Actually, I prefer the punctuation at the end of each bibliography ending, but just in case: how to remove it?

I know that the key to this lies in the \renewcommand and \usebibmacro, but I just cannot make it work. How can I change these parameters per reference type?

Thank you very much in advance for showing me where I have to move from here.

PS: I just realized that I have to change some dots to commas as well in for other reference types, but I guess that won't be a problem once I understood how to make these changes here.

EDIT: attempt at MWE




This is just a test sentence to show you how I cite within my text. \autocite[]{cottier2001}


%%%%%%%%%%%%%% BIBLIOGRAPHY



  title={Risk management experience in WTO dispute settlement},
  author={Cottier, Thomas},
  booktitle={Globalization and the environment: risk assessment and
the WTO},
  publisher={Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing},
  editor={Robertson, David and Kellow, Aynsley J}

mybibstyle.bbx (adapted from the above-mentioned thread):

\DeclareFieldFormat[article,incollection,unpublished]{title}{ `#1'}%

I don't have anything left from my tinkering with \usebibmacro ;-)


Typically a driver contains the instructions about the order of the elements in a bibliography entry. The instructions for how to print the various elements are encoded in \usebibmacro commands. To change the content of a \usebibmacro{<name> you can use the command \renewbibmacro{<name>}{<instructions>}. In your case you have to modify in:, publisher+location+date and byeditor+other. For the last you have to modify how the editor field is rendered. The rendering of names can be modified using \DeclareNameFormat{<name>}. The changes for the style you want to achieve can be done by something like:




To change the period at the end of the various element use


By the way it is better to use \addbibresource{lit.bib} instead of \bibliography{lit}

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