I would like to make a plot of several data sets that are stored in a text file (tab-separated). Is there a way of defining the x-range for which some (not all) of the data sets should be plotted? I want some data sets to plot fully, and others only in specified ranges.

Consider the following example:

The table:

x B C D

1 3 4 5

2 4 6 3

3 4 7 4

4 5 7 2

should be plotted so that all four values of columns B and C are plotted against the x values, but only the values for which x is in the range [2,3] should be plotted for column D.

In other words, I want to use \addplot three times in the same axis environment, and define the x-range separately for each data set.

The condition cannot be the index. I need to use this for large data files, for which I do not know the indices of the data points I need. Hence, the input to define the points to plot must be an x interval.


You can use the key restrict x to domain=<start>:<end>, which installs a filter that removes all data points outside the specified range:



x B C D
1 3 4 5
2 4 6 3
3 4 7 3
4 5 7 2

\addplot table [y=B] {\datatable};
\addplot table [y=C] {\datatable};
\addplot +[restrict x to domain=2:3] table [y=D] {\datatable};

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