Which bibstyle would be the best for following requirements?

(abbrv or another one?)

I am aware about the possibility of a manual modification at the end, but maybe a bibstyle for this assignment (tex template of a conference) would be available.


\item {\bf References:} Must be numbered in the order cited in the manuscript
and indicated in the text by a number in square brackets ({\it e.g.}, [1]).\newline
The required format for references is:
    \item {\bf Papers:}
    Author, paper title, {\em journal name (in italics)}, volume and issue
    numbers, year, inclusive pages. {\it e.g.}: \smallskip \newline
    [1] T.C. Hsia, Simple robust schemes for space control
    of robot manipulators, {\it Int. J. of Robotics and Automation}, 9(4),
    1994, 167-174.
    \item {\bf Books:} Author, {\em title (in italics)} (location of
    publisher, publisher, year). {\it e.g.}:\smallskip \newline
    [2] M. Kayston and W.R. Fried, {\it Avionic Navigation
    Systems} (New York: John Wiley and Sons Inc., 1969).
    \item {\bf Chapters in Books:} Chapter Author, Chapter Title, in
    Editor (Ed.), {\em title (in italics)}  (location of publisher,
    publisher, year) inclusive pages. {\it e.g.}: \smallskip \newline
    [3] P.O. Biship, Neurophysiology of binocular vision,
    in J. Housman (Ed.) {\em Handbook of physiology}, 4 (New York:
    Springer-Verlag, 1970) 342-366.
    \item {\bf Proceedings Papers:} Author, paper title, {\em proceedings
    title (in italics)}, City, Country, year, inclusive pages. {\it e.g.}:
    \smallskip \newline
    [4] W.J. Book, Modelling design and control of
    flexible manipulator arms: A tutorial review, {\it Proc. 29th IEEE Conf. on
    Decision and Control}, San Francisco, USA, 1990, 500-506.

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makebst allows you to create your own bibtex style. All one has to do is open a terminal window (command line interface), type

latex makebst

and answer the questions at the prompt. At the end it generates a style with your specifications.

  • rather cool. tried it. tnx. maybe i will focus on that later - modifications on bst would be necessary, but then i would maybe prefer to work on an abbrv alternative. have to finish tex code itself currently due to a deadline.
    – mnemonic
    Commented Oct 11, 2012 at 4:18
  • 1
    @Monkey The alternative would be to use biblatex. If one is familiar with LaTeX it might be easier than the reverse polish notation used in .bst
    – Guido
    Commented Oct 11, 2012 at 4:28

Maybe you want to consider the following solution using biblatex:

    author = {An Author},
    title = {Nice title},
    journaltitle = {The Journal of Nonsense},
    date = {2012},
    volume = {1},
    number = {13},
    pages = {13-23},

    author = {Big Bethor},
    title = {Some random Book},
    date = {1999},
    publisher = {Oneandonly Publishing},
    location = {Earth},
    pages = {18-22},

    author = {Crazy Cethor and Dumb Dethor},
    title = {Any weird title},
    booktitle = {The book of stuff},
    date = {1857},
    editor = {Edwin Editor},
    publisher = {Crazy Publishers},
    location = {The Universe},
    pages = {899-947},
    author = {Frank Fauthor and Gary Gethor},
    editor = {Oscar Odithor},
    title = {My Research},
    booktitle = {The Conference of Research},
    date = {2030},
    venue = {Vaduz, Liechtenstein},
    pages = {255-256},



\blindtext \cite{Test2} \blindtext \cite{Test1,Test4} \blindtext \cite{Test3}


There are some minor formatting things to optimize

  • remove the quotes around article, inbook and inproceedings titles
  • remove the brackets around the location in inproceedings
  • change the "ed. by" to "(Ed.)" (this is already partly adressed in Customizing biblatex styles using \usebibmacro)

but these should be quite easy to do. The key requirements (citation in square brackets, numbering according to citation order) is fulfilled as far as I can see.

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