In this answer, I set the \skewchar of a font, but I think I don't do it in the right way. The problem is that it's a math font, and those seem to get initialized only when they are used, namely when the first $, \( etc. occurs. (Is this correct?) So for example, just putting

\skewchar\csname OT1/cmss/m/it/10.95\endcsname=127

in the preamble doesn't work; I get

! Missing font identifier.
<to be read again>

I just played around a bit and used \check@mathfonts to initialize the fonts before the \skewchar command, but this seems like cheating to me. Moreover, this only initialized the sizes 6, 8 and 10.95.

My feeling is that the \skewchar command should be invoked at initialization time. Is this the correct approach, and yes, how do I implement that?

\DeclareFontFamily{OML}{cmss}{\skewchar\font127 }

should work. You can also put \skewchar\font127 into the last parameter of the \DeclareFontShape macro.

\DeclareFontShape{OML}{cmss}{m}{it}{<-> cmss8t}{\skewchar\font127}

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