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How to render individual acronyms in lower case when used inline, but mixed case in the list of acronyms?

I'm using the acronym package. When I use an acronym in full, I want it to be all lower case; and when used in the acronym list I want the first letter of each word to be capitalised.

For example, in text:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), sed do eiusmod tempor...

In acronym list:

VCO - Voltage Controlled Oscillator

I copied the code fragment from this issue which is similar to give the acronym in lower case in text. However, it only capitalises the first letter of the first word i.e. VCO - Voltage controlled oscillator. In addition, some of my acronyms are hyphenated and need capitalisation such as Phase-Locked Loop; and some are hyphenated but do not require capitalisation such as Analog-to-Digital Converter.

Therefore, what I'm thinking is that I should write the acronym definition list how I want it (i.e. capitals, hyphens etc), and then have a code fragment that parses the acro-definitions and makes them words lower case. But I don't know how to do that or its even possible.

My preamble is:


\xpatchcmd*{\AC@@acro}{] #3}{] \MakeUppercase #3}{}{}


Note, the acronyms are defined in a separate file that is then included in the frontmatter section:

\input{./Frontmatter/acronyms}          % Print the acronyms page

And within that, the acronym is simply defined using:

\acro{vco}[VCO]{voltage controlled oscillator}
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