Just a (simple) short question:

Why is the LaTeX root directory called texmf?

Is there a meaning of the mf ending?

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    Thanks, though I still prefer, textmf-dist = "TeX Motha-F***ing Distribution" Jan 30, 2020 at 17:53

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From A Directory Structure for TeX files, 2.2 Rooting the tree:

In this document, we shall designate the root TDS directory by texmf (for “TEX and METAFONT”). We recommend using that name where possible, but the actual name of the directory is up to the installer.


It is short for TeX and Metafont.

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    @ガベージコレクタ: How about: 'TeX & Metafont' ? :)
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This name was in fact used as a possible name in the very first message to the Tex directory structure list


So I think it must have been the existing name in web2c-TeX/kpathsea but I can't recall exactly.

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