I have a problem with a too long hyperlink.

This reference is one word, but it is too long and doesn't set the text width, so some part is pushed beyond the margin:


How to pledge hyperlink to break on a new line (similarly as when LaTeX breaks words across lines)?


Hyperref driver with breaklinks support

Then TeX couldn't find break points and the question is not related to hyperref. Solution: Insert break points, e.g. \-, \discretionary, \hyphenation, \penalty, …

Hyperref driver without breaklinks support

From the README:

Wrapped/broken link support

Only few drivers support automatically wrapped/broken links, e.g. pdftex, dvipdfm, hypertex. Other drivers lack this feature, e.g. dvips, dvipsone.


  • For long section or caption titles in the table of contents or list of figures/tables option linktocpage can be used. Then the page number will be a link, and the overlong section title is not forced into an one line link with overvull \hbox warning.
  • \urls are caught by package breakurl.
  • The option breaklinks is intended for internal use. But it can be used to force link wrapping, e.g. when printing a document. However, when such a document is converted to PDF and viewed with a PDF viewer, the active link area will be misplaced.

    Another limitation: some penalties are "optimized" by TeX, thus there are missing break points, especially within \url. (See thread "hyperref.sty, breaklinks and url.sty 3.2" in comp.text.tex 2005-09).

Also manual broken links are possible:


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