When using fncychap and hyperref together, the page number for references to the appendices are off. The Appendix A reference links to the first chapter, appendix B links to the second chapter, etc...



\chapter{One} \label{one}
This refers to the page for chapter 1: \autoref{appendix}.
The table of contents is also off.

\chapter{Two} \label{appendix}
This is the appendix


This creates a document where the references in the table of contents link appendix A to the wrong page number (page 2 instead of page 3).


The problem is the ordering of the packages. fncychap must come before hyperref:


will fix the references.

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    I'd add more: fancychap should not appear at all; but I'm biased. ;-) – egreg Oct 17 '12 at 12:07

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