I have a bib file in Jabref. Once the .tex file is compiled, the bibliography section appears but it is all empty.

Here is an example of my .tex file:


\usepackage[english, french]{babel}



Any insights ?

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    You seem to have no citations: do you have any in the real case? Did you run LaTeX, BibTeX, LaTeX, LaTeX? – Joseph Wright Oct 28 '12 at 15:28
  • I am a very beginner in Latex. I did not at all use the \cite in the text, so there is no citation using Jabref referecing, but I cite without linking to the reference. Should i use cite to make it work ? Second, how can I run LaTeX, BibTeX, LaTeX, LaTeX? Sorry for trivial questions Thanks – Irene Oct 28 '12 at 15:30
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    Welcome to TeX.sx! – hpesoj626 Oct 28 '12 at 15:40
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    Welcome to TeX.sx! Your code is not a minimal working example (MWE), please see I've just been told I have to write a minimal example, what is that?. Most of the packages can removed here for our test case. I do not know Jabref, but I think, you need to create a bib file first, what then must picked up by some LaTeX code. This is surely not related to TeXnicCenter. – Speravir Oct 28 '12 at 15:44
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    BTW Bibliography in TeXnicCenter. – Speravir Oct 28 '12 at 15:56

JabRef is a program for managing BibTeX database (.bib) files but does not directly affect what happens in LaTeX. Adding a database to a .tex file does not add in the citations. You need either \cite or \nocite: the latter adds references to the bibliography without a citation in the text

  author = {Other, A. N.},
  journal = {J. Irrep. Res.},
  title = {Some things we did},
  year  = {2012},
  author = {Nobacon, D.},
  journal = {J. Chumb.},
  title = {Tubthumping},
  year  = {2012},
Some text \cite{demo1} more text\nocite{demo2}.

You will need to run LaTeX, then BibTeX, then LaTeX twice for the document to be complete.


To run BibTeX just follow the image below.

enter image description here


One additional source of this error is if you are citing multiple authors in one block, there can be no white-space between the authors.

This works:


This does not work

\cite{smith2004, smith2005} 

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