I have a document which under normal conditions compiles into a reasonably-sized output - 1 MB PDF and 2 MB PS. I need to add two raster images, also reasonably-sized - About 150 KB JPG each.

I tried the simple approach, and converted the images to PDF and PS. The graphical results are excellent, but the output grew in size to 2 MB PDF and 8 MB PS (!).

What is the best strategy for converting and including these images in the document, that will not blow up the size of the output significantly? Ideally, I prefer to have both a DVI->PS output and PDF output, but only the PDF is a must.


You can use jpeg2ps utility to convert JPEG images to EPS format. It does not uncompress the images.

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You may use this approach, but for conversion use this command:

`convert -compress zip #1 eps2:-

It requires ImageMagick's convert.

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