I've just started using GNUplot to create graphs. I've been using the epslatex terminal and my issue is, when I create my graph in the wxt terminal, and then replot it in the epslatex terminal, the linestyle changes, even if I never explicitly specified a linestyle. Basically, in the wxt terminal, then curve is solid; however, in the epslatex terminal, the curve is dashed.

I read somewhere that changing terminals can give different linestlyes, and that one is supposed to issue the command 'test' to see the various styles; however, when I try to do 'test' in the epslatex terminal, it tells me that "epslatex terminal cannot write to standard output" (which makes sense I guess). I'm just wondering where I can find what the different linestlyes correspond to in the epslatex terminal.

Also, as a bit of a sub-question, I'm wondering if my approach is any good... To create the graphs, I create it the epslatex terminal, then I convert the eps file to a pdf file so that I can use pdflatex. Is there a better way to do this (perhaps GNUplot can create the pdf for me)?

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    I would recommend using PGFPlots, which is a LaTeX package that creates plots directly within your document. It can use gnuplot as a backend, so you have all the power of gnuplot, but you get a much tighter integration with your documents (the same font is used automatically, for example) and a leaner workflow (you don't need to change to a different program to generate your plots). See tex.stackexchange.com/questions/58900/… or tex.stackexchange.com/questions/41666/…, for example
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To use the epslatex terminal with the test command, you first need to specify where to write the output. You can do that by issuing set out "<filename>.tex, then test, and then set out to close the file. You'll then get a <filename>.tex and a <filename>.eps. By using \input{<filename>} in a LaTeX document, you'll get the following output (assuming you used set terminal epslatex color):

As you can see, the epslatex terminal uses dashed line styles by default. You can change to solid colored lines by using set terminal epslatex color solid:

For comparison, here's the wxt output:

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