I'm using TeXShop Version 2.47, and I know from having written a twenty page document last year using apa6e (which I typeset again with no problem today) that this system is in a functional state.

However, I'd now like to use uarial.sty in a similar document, and for some reason, I'm not able to do so.

I found this excellent question/answer yesterday.

Although I was able to follow the instructions in the first answer (using getnonfreefonts), for some reason, my TeXLive system (2011 running in OS 10.6) still cannot use uarial.sty. I get the standard error message latex error uarial.sty not found. I even ran texhash after running getnonfreefonts-sys -a and still my system is not finding it.

I know my system is out of date, and I think I may have a partial TL2012 installation installed alongside my 2011 system, and that's probably related to the reason that getnonfreefonts is not working for me. However, with a deadline approaching and a functional system in place, I'm loathe to attempt a complete upgrade before the end of the semester.

I know the directories of my two TeXLive systems are as follows:

/usr/local/texlive/2011/ (2011) /opt/local/share/ (2012)

And I found where getnonfreefonts put uarial.sty is in:


But I need for it to be put into my /usr/local/texlive/2011/ root in order for TeXShop to see it. So I tried a manual copy of the directory /opt/local/share/texmf-local/tex/latex/ua1 to /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/latex/local/ but I think I missed some accessory files (ua1.map et. al.?) in doing this which is why (although TeXShop did notice the uarial.sty file) that created a whole host of other problems for me.

So I'm looking for the whole ua1.zip file so I can do as suggested in the second answer, but it's apparently no longer to be found at the URL listed in the second answer here.

Anyone know how I can download ua1.zip by itself so I can manually get the .sty file and all of its accessories into my 2011 root? Thanks in advance.


I should've added that I did google this question and aside from the URL mentioned in the second answer, found no hits, thus the seemingly trivial question.

I also downloaded arial.zip at that same URL and looked inside arial.zip for ua1.zip (that I think was previously to be found in arial.zip and that is even mentioned in the README for arial.zip), but as of today, the only zip file inside arial.zip is ua1fnst.zip; no ua1.zip.

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You can find it here If that's down then you can grab it here.

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