What should I change in order to make my bibliographic references (see latex code bellow), look like the ones attached in the form of image bellow? If you run the code you will see that

  1. only the first line is aligned correctly from the left, and
  2. the name of the journal contains lower case characters only whereas what I want is the very first character to be upper case and all the rest lower case as presented in the image bellow.

All suggestions are welcome.

enter image description here







   author = {M.H. Dunham},
   title = {\em Data Mining: Introductory and Advanced Topics},
   journal = {Prentice Hall},
   year = 2002,
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    You should provide a minimal working example (MWE). You can remove the \em from the title field (or enclose the emphasized text with \emph{<emph. text}) --- remember that the bibliographic style file is in charge of styling elements. The first issue is solved with \setlength{\bibhang}{0pt}, check natbib manual, §2.12 – henrique Nov 2 '12 at 4:29
  • @henrique Thank you very much for helping me solve the first problem. What's your advice regarding the second one? – eualin Nov 2 '12 at 8:30
  • Your test.bib entry is somewhat wrong. The item is a @book, and Prentice Hall is the publisher. Can you please provide a better test case that shows the problem? – mafp Mar 8 '13 at 17:41

The solution is simple: the bibliographic entry should be announced as @BOOK and not @ARTICLE, with the right fields.

   author = {M.H. Dunham},
   title = {Data Mining: Introductory and Advanced Topics},
   publisher = {Prentice Hall},
   year = 2002,

enter image description here

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