I'm trying to change the format of \vref output (from the varioref package). I've added:

% Change the format of vrefs
\renewcommand*{\reftextfaraway}[1]{, page~\pageref{#1}}

This is close, but not close enough: I end up with "1.1 , page 34". I'd like to have "1.1, page 34". Can this be done?

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\renewcommand*\reftextfaraway[1]{\unskip, page~\pageref{#1}}
  • Ah, thanks! I was toying with \renewcommand*{\reftextfaraway}[1]{\unskip, page~\pageref{#1}} just as you posted your solution.
    – Liam M
    Commented Nov 4, 2012 at 9:25

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