Our PDF contains lots of \label{foo} commands, where we jump to from links from within the PDF (using the hyperlinks package)

When I tried to jump to there from within our PDF displaying application, which uses the Poppler library, I however failed to find that label.

// C++ code to find the label 'foo' in the document
Poppler::LinkDestination *linkDest = m_doc->linkDestination("foo");

When I instead tried to use the \hyperdef command, I was able to do what I wanted


Doing in our PDF application

Poppler::LinkDestination *linkDest = m_doc->linkDestination("foo.bar");

Can anyone please explain the technical difference between these commands? We would like to be able to keep using \label if possible, since we have a large LaTex codebase that uses it.


Since 2012/07/28 v6.82u package hyperref provides option destlabel for this purpose.

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  • For the time being until we update, I just use \hyperdef and the other form of \hyperref like \hyperref{}{cat}{name}{}. I just couldn't find whether an empty URL is allowed, but it works! :) – Johannes Schaub - litb Nov 6 '12 at 13:34

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