This didn't help me much, 'cause this package has MF fonts and I don't have an idea to where should they go. Any help appreciated.

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Assuming the link you give is enough to work out where the rest of the stuff goes, the mbboard package comes with two folders: texinputs and source. In your local texmf folder (as described in the link you read) make a new folder inside the fonts folder named source. Inside that, make a folder called mbboard and put all of the contents of the downloaded source folder into that new folder.

In the texinputs folder, you will find a few files:

mbboard.sty goes into tex\latex\mbboard mbboard.tex goes into tex\plain\mbboard mbboard.dcl goes into tex\generic\mbboard

Once you have done this, you will need to refresh the MikTeX package database.

The documentation for the package is the plain TeX file mbbtest.tex. Open this file and compile it using plain tex (not latex). If you put the resulting pdf into the doc folder of your local texmf folder, then the documentation system will find it too. (It might be useful to rename it mbb-doc.pdf.)

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