I already modified apalike.bst to some of my needs, but I can't find this one -- which part do I have to change to have it include a colon after "author (year)" instead of a period .?

(I am using bibtex but not biblatex.)

  • I am using "author, year and colon followed by page number" like this( e.g. Brown,2001:38) what do you suggest for this?
    – user22265
    Nov 18 '12 at 7:08

apalike.bst adds a period before outputting \newblock. So a way can be changing the function output.year.check into

FUNCTION {output.year.check}
{ year empty$
    { "empty year in " cite$ * warning$ }
    { write$
      " (" year * extra.label * ")\addcolonandeatperiod" *
      mid.sentence 'output.state :=

along with


in your document preamble. There may be more efficient ways.


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