I would need an arrow (for math mode) with the following characteristics:

  • squiggle (like \rightsquigarrow)
  • double lined (like \xRightarrow)
  • extendible (like \xRightarrow)

Currently, I am using macros like this...

\newcommand{\myDoubleArrow}{\ensuremath{\smash{\xRightarrow[{\scriptscriptstyle \donotsmash{#2} \mkern+4mu}]{ \vbox{\hbox{\ensuremath{\scriptscriptstyle \donotsmash{#1} \mkern+4mu}}\vskip -1.0pt} }}}}

Do you know any neat possibility to get such an arrow? It should be usable as the command above (however, I only need text on top of the arrow)

Thanks in advance!


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One possibility using a variation of the answer to How to create a squiggle arrow with some text on it in TikZ?:


\begin{tikzpicture}[baseline= {( $ (current bounding box.south) + (0,-0.5ex) $ )}]
  \node[inner sep=.5ex] (a) {$\scriptstyle #1$};
  \path[draw,implies-,double distance between line centers=1.5pt,decorate,
    decoration={zigzag,amplitude=0.7pt,segment length=1.2mm,pre=lineto,
    pre   length=4pt}] 
    (a.south east) -- (a.south west);


A\xRightarrow{f} B\quad A\rightsquigarrow B\quad A\xrsquigarrow{f}B\quad A\xrsquigarrow{(f\circ g)\circ h}B


enter image description here

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