I'm using the book class along with apsrev4-1 bibliographystyle. Everything is fine except from the fact that I'd like titles of the papers that I cite to be visible (not a standard thing in apsrev4-1 bibliographystyle). Turns out this problem is addressed over here: Revtex 4.1 bibliography style in other classes. Thing is however, that the last suggested solution, i.e., the one including a slight modification of the apsrev4-1.bst file, proves to cause the babel package errors of the form:

Package babel Error: You haven't defined the language English yet. ! Package babel Error: You haven't loaded the option Swedish yet.

which is totally ridiculous and absent when using the unmodified apsrev4-1.bst file. When ignoring them the final .pdf is produced and everything seems to be fine (the titles of the papers do appear in the bibliography, with some minor issues such as all words in a title but the first one are in lower case) but they are really irritating. I had tried the solution with separate file and @Control sequence in there but this one doesn't work at all.

All ideas appreciated,

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    That kind of error sounds like you loaded babel before the modification, and now you don't. Try to delete the .aux file and see if it helps? – T. Verron Nov 18 '12 at 10:29
  • A comment after a long time: deleting the aux did not help then. – Simon Righley Apr 3 '14 at 9:25

You'll have to show a MWE of your problem. Using a @CONTROL field works fine for me:


  As we see in \cite{bs-1629,howells-66-pop,fletcher-hopkins,hoel-71-portion}...

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