I am trying to make an annotated bibliography. The full citation should be followed by a short summary. The citation style should follow the ACS style, this is why I am using the achemso package. I am looking either for a way which automatically generates an annotated bibliography from the "annotate" field, or a way to include full references in text. I have seen the answer to this question, however, \bibentry or \fullcite don't seem to work with achemso.

Is there a way to include full citations in the text with achemso? Or is there a better way to solve this problem?

  • @Guido: yes, but then it appends it to the citation, only separated by a comma. Doesn't really look nice, and I don't know enough so I could change this.
    – Helen
    Nov 20, 2012 at 3:39

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Short answer here is 'not without creating a modified .bst, as the achemso style is meant to reproduce the published ACS style. However, you could look at the chem-acs style for biblatex. As biblatex makes it much easier to modify output on-the-fly, it's more suitable to this kind of minor customisation (it might even work with the annotate field out of the box: untested).

Note: chem-acs is written by me, as is achemso, and the styles should be identical in output other than minor variations due to differences between biblatex and traditional BibTeX.

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