Are there any templates or useful packages for writing a patent specification, such as the ones in this collection?

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I know about these two. The first one looks good and was successful used by the author for his patent applications. The other one is quite old: it is packed as shell archive and for LaTeX2.09, but works well with a modern LaTeX2e. I can't tell you more about them. All my patent applications had to be written in MS Word.

http://dodge.stanford.edu/~echmelar/inventions.html (look for "template.tar.gz")

http://www.ibiblio.org/patents/txt/temptex.txt (shell archive)

  • The link suggested above: dodge.stanford.edu/~echmelar/inventions.html (look for "template.tar.gz") is down. Do you know of any other place to find this package?
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I recently uploaded a new template for drafting U.S. patent applications to CTAN. It should be what you are looking for. Or, Google "uspatent LaTeX LyX CTAN" to find it.

  • It looks very nice! Thanks and congratulations for the work
    – shamisen
    Commented Feb 1, 2013 at 20:56

I found this LaTeX template online on this link:


Starting from 2023: DOCX required

Filing a new non provisional 111(a) application? Starting January 1, 2023, specification, claims and abstracts not filed in DOCX format will incur a non-DOCX surcharge of up to $400 for this filing type.

See USPTO: File patent application documents in DOCX

If you hate M$ Word as much as I do, writing the application in Markdown using the Vim text editor and converting it to DOCX using Pandoc and the provided USPTO DOCX template, might be a very viable option.

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