I'm working on a new edition of a book which uses a very unusual style of bibliography: Entries are sorted in author-year fashion, but then numbered per author or group of authors, e.g.:

Milnor, J.:
   1. Construction of universal bundles: I, Ann. Math., (2)63:272-284 (1956).
   2. Construction of universal bundles: II, Ann. Math., (2)63: 430-436 (1956).
   3. On manifolds homeomorphic to the 7-sphere, Ann. Math., (2)64: 399-405
   4. The theory of characteristic classes, mimeographed, Princeton University,
      Princeton, N.J., 1957.
Milnor, J., and M. A. Kervaire:
   1. Bernoulli numbers, homotopy groups, and a theorem of Rohlin, Proc. Intern.
      Congr. Math., 1958.
Milnor, J., and E. Spanier:
   1. Two remarks on fibre homotopy type, Pacific J. Math., 10: 585-590 (1960).

Citations are formatted as Milnor [3], and so on.

Is there any bibtex style for something strange as this? Or can this type of bibliography be created with biblatex without too much coding?

  • @lockstep why not bibliographies or bibtex as tags for this question? The OP originally requested whether a bibtex for something like this is possible, and the OP requests a bibliography styles (and citation) which is no longer usual.
    – Guido
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  • @Guido bibliographies has developed into a "general" tag that is only used if specific package tags do not apply (similar to diagrams vs. tikz-pgf). The bibtex tag would apply if the question is about the .bib format or specifically about compiling with BibTeX.
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Here is (rough) proof of concept using BibLaTeX (the documents requires to be compiled twice after the generation of the bibliography).


  title = {The apple and the banana},
  publisher = {Tomatopress},
  editor = {Straw Berry},
  author = {Annoying Orange},
  year = {1970}
  title = {The pineapple and the banana},
  publisher = {Tomatopress},
  editor = {Straw Berry},
  author = {Annoying Orange},
  year = {1971}
  title = {The mangos and the banana and other tropical fruits},
  publisher = {Tomatopress},
  editor = {Straw Berry},
  author = {Annoying Orange and Peachy Pear},
  year = {1970}




    \makebox[0em][r]{\the@mybibcounter.\ }%





Hello world \cite{fruits,fruits2,fruits3}.



enter image description here

  • Is it possible to put the entries by year and not by a counter?
    – Jopie
    Commented Mar 11, 2015 at 14:02

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