I have an enumerate list inside an empty description item.

The minimal file is,


\item [A Label:]

  \item A1.
  \item A2.
  \item A3.


The problem is, A1 comes after the colon (:). As you can see here,

enter image description here

But I want A1 in a new line, with 1. aligned with 2.

I tried putting a \relax in the empty description item. Nothing was improved.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


This must be a duplicate but I didn't see a good question to reference after a quick search so the easiest way without doing any complicated redefinitions of latex list code is

  \item [A Label:]\mbox{}\\[-1.5\baselineskip]

where the \mbox forces a paragraph start so the nested list indents normally.

  • Thanks. Worked flawlessly. I did some searching before asking the question. I did not find any. – Masroor Nov 23 '12 at 12:42
  • If I am not mistaken, this approach may separate the two environments (description and enumerate) at a break page, in such a way that A Label: will be placed at the end of the page while the list 1., 2., 3. will move to the next page. What would be a way to avoid this behavior? – pluton Jan 6 '14 at 2:28
  • 3
    @pluton using \\* rather than \\ would strongly discourage a page break – David Carlisle Jan 6 '14 at 10:16

You could also just do

\item A1.
\item A2.
\item A3.

instead of the above. Works equally well (and looks better in my opinion).

  • 1
    Indeed it works. Though I was skeptical before trying it out. Nice solution. – Masroor Jan 6 '17 at 0:51
  • This is better since (unlike the accepted answer) you don't have to adjust space manually. – qweruiop Nov 5 '17 at 15:35

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