If I create a package, is it correct to use \RequirePackage[utf8]{inputenc} to support utf8. I guess not, but how do I state that this package must (should) be used with inputenc utf8?

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    well inputenc is only required when using LaTeX or pdfLaTeX. if one uses the newer XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, UTF-8 is already required as the input and works natively.
    – ArTourter
    Commented Nov 25, 2012 at 14:49

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This is what I do in newunicodechar that requires the utf8 option either to inputenc or inputenx and wouldn't work with other options and without either of those packages:

  {This package won't work without loading\MessageBreak
   `inputenc' or `inputenx' with the `utf8' option}%

The \let\newunicodechar\@gobbletwo is just to enable processing the file nonetheless. If you want to require usage of utf8 you can modify it like this:

% Define an error message
  {`inputenc' or `inputenx' loaded with wrong option.\MessageBreak
   This is a fatal error}
  {This package won't work if either `inputenc' or `inputenx'\MessageBreak
   are loaded with the `utf8' option. The LaTeX run will be terminated}%
   \fi\@@end} % the `\fi` is to match `\if@tempswa`
% Check for inputenx or inputenc
% Check for the right option

So if the user types


nothing will be done. But if inputenc (or inputenx) is not loaded before it, xyz will load it. If a wrong option is passed to inputenc, the package will terminate the LaTeX run.

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