I adapted the idea from here to place the page numbers in the outer margin. However, by doing so, the vertical ruler disappears. I first thought that adjusting the horizontal spacing parameters for the ruler might bring it back, but it doesn't seem so. How can this be fixed?



% comment this paragraph out and see that the ruler appears again
\rofoot{foo\ \ \textbullet\,\ bar\pageno{o}}% right odd
\lefoot{\pageno{e}Foo\ Bar}% left even
  \vbox to 0pt{
    \hbox to 0pt{%
      \if#1o\kern 2em\else\hss\fi\thepage

Foo Bar
Foo Bar

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Quite subtle. :)

The vruler package distinguishes between LaTeX and Plain TeX by looking whether the \pageno macro is defined. So with that code it guesses wrongly that the document is a Plain TeX one.

Change \pageno into \xpageno or whatever.

Here's the relevant part from vruler.sty

141 \ifx\pageno\undefined % this is considered as LaTeX
142     % we assume all LaTeX versions have \@outputpage in the form of
143     % \@outputpage= ...\vbox{ ... \vbox{...}...}... , where 2nd \vbox
144     % contains the true content. 
  • Many thanks, that's indeed quite subtle :-) Nov 27, 2012 at 0:59

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