This is a follow-up to this question Complicated logic circuit drawing with Tikz - two input buffer gate?

Any ideas how can I draw this next element IODELAY2, should I use Resistance symbol?

For me syntax for connecting different symbols is really hard to understand, connecting logical and electrical elements seems impossible ...

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A pragmatic shot based on JLDiaz' answer in the linked question : You can adjust further for your own taste


\tikzset{opamp label/.style={xshift=-9mm, font=\footnotesize,right}}
                            minimum width=1cm,
                            minimum height=2cm
 (0,0) node[op amp] (opamp) {}
    (opamp.+)   node[left]        {$data\ ser\ p$}
    (opamp.-)   node[left]        {$data\ ser\ n$}
    (opamp.out) node[right]       {$data\ ser$}
    (opamp)     node[opamp label] {IBUFDS}

 (0,-3) node[op amp] (opamp) {}
    (opamp.+)   node[left]        {$clk\ in\ p$}
    (opamp.-)   node[left]        {$clk\ in\ n$}
    (opamp.out) node[above right]       {$clk\ in$}
    (opamp)     node[opamp label] {IBUFGDS} (opamp.out) --
 (3,-3) node[iovardelay=IODELAY2] (mydelay) {}

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