I'm using the acronym package and I'm trying to add generic styling. Specifically, I want the first mention of the acronym to expand the long form in italics.

What I've done so far is to say:

\acrodef{label}[short]{\textit{long form}}

And that seems to work as long as you don't need to repeat the long form (which I don't). However it clashes when you need the plural form \acp{lable}, as the plural "s" will not be typeset in italics:

long forms <- wrong
long forms <- correct

Is there a way to tell the acronym package to typeset the long form in italics?

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sets the font of the entire full expression, including the long form, parentheses and acronym. In order to only make the long form italics, one has to override the italic mode for the remainder of the full expression by adding:

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    Coincidentally, I just found this, too. However, I cannot get the long form to be set in italics, but not the part in parentheses: That is, I want "long form: (short)" instead of "long form (short)" but \acffont seems to encompass the entire thing.
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    Commented Nov 30, 2012 at 15:17

Don't know if it hasn't been included back then, but the package comes with different styles already (see the documentation). So no need to renewcommand.

To write out the acronym in cursive/italics, one should use \acfi{AI} instead of the \ac{AI}-command. However, using \acfi will result in every usage of the acronym to be written out with the long form as well.

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